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Feralco (Schweiz) AG
Neugrütstrasse 2
8610 Uster
Tel.: 044 922 92 84

Limited liability company (LLC)
Location: Neugrütstrasse 2, 8610 Uster
Company registration  Nr. CH-
Chairman of the Board. :  Ludovic Huitorel
Managing Director and Member of the Board of Directors: Franz Cresta

VAT: CHE-112.660.221.

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Privacy Policy
Data collection
Every web server automatically registers the number of hits on websites. When you visit our website, our web server – in order to ensure system security – automatically records the domain name or IP address of the computer requesting the access date, file name and the URL you have accessed, the http response code and the web site from which you visit us, as well as the bytes transferred during the connection. This information will be stored anonymously. Conclusions about your person or your individual behavior are not possible.

Additional personal data is not collected unless you expressly provide this information in the context of e.g. an online order or registration. We treat your data responsibly and in compliance with legal provisions.


Data use
Computer-related data are stored by us in order to record trends and compile statistics. These data also serve the purpose of identifying and tracking unauthorized attempts to access our web server. We create profile information about the use of our website only on an anonymous basis and only for improving the user guidance and optimization of supply to user interests. There are no personal profiles or the like collected or processed.

We collect, store and process your personal data only to the extent necessary for the processing of requests or orders. To facilitate this, we may share your information with third parties involved in fulfillment of orders. Apart from this, we will not share your personal information to third parties unless we are obliged to do so because of mandatory legal regulations or if you determine this.

The personal data you transmit to us (for example, your name and address or e-mail address) will be used by us to correspond with you or only for the purposes for which you provided the data. We would like to use your address, subject to your objection, to inform you occasionally about our products, services and innovations.

Using the data transferred, we may also in the context of a survey on customer satisfaction, market research and promotional purposes, contact you by telephone or electronically.


Our website can be used in its entirety without the use of cookies. Cookies or other techniques designed to track the access patterns of users are not used.

By using our website you consent to the described storage and use of your data. By entering your personal data, you consent to the described processing of the data and their use.


Your rights / Contact
Of course, we will inform you about the use of your personal information at our request. You have a right to information about any of your personal information and also the right to correct inaccurate data, or to block and delete it. You can object to the use of personal data for advertising purposes at any time. We point out that our employees are required to maintain data confidentiality in accordance with the Federal Act on Data Protection (FADP).

If you would like information about your personal data and their correction or deletion, please send us an e-mail:

For more details about our company, please visit webpage Legal information.

Scope / Links
This privacy statement solely applies to all webpages that Feralco (Schweiz) AG is responsible for.

Our website and webpages may contain links to websites of other companies. These links have been set because we believe that these sites may be of interest to you. The design and content of these websites are beyond our control and we cannot control how the providers of linked websites treat your information. Therefore our privacy statement and our responsibilities do not extend to their (external) websites. If you have any questions, please contact those companies directly.


Timeliness of this Privacy Statement
This privacy statement is current as of 26 July 2010.

Where Feralco (Schweiz) AG introduces new services or changes the Internet procedure, or the Internet and computer security technology progresses, an updated privacy policy will be published on this site, and shall apply from the date of publication.