We care for clean water, for us, for our children - for life !

Feralco (Schweiz) AG  is a subsidiary of Feralco AB located in Helsingborg (Sweden).

Feralco (Schweiz) AG was founded in 2006 by taking over CU Waterprocessing, the former business line for water technology from the chemical company CU Uetikon. In collaboration with the technical university of Zurich (ETH) and its subsidiary research center EAWAG, CU Waterprocessing has back then developed the principle of phosphate elimination with iron salts. Meanwhile this technology is successfully established in over 90% of Swiss sewage plants.

Feralco (Schweiz) AG offers the complete range of precipitating agents and flocculants, especially iron and aluminum salts, organic polymers and PAC of medium and high basicity. These products are well designed for applications like treatment and cleaning of wastewater from communities and industry, treatment of drinking water as well as for procedures in the paper and chemical industry.

Feralco (Schweiz) AG approaches their customer mainly over a consequent technical way. Our qualified personnel loves to give you best support and advice based upon proven competence. Know-how and experienced control of complex situations belong to our daily services, even on site if required.