Avec l'acquisition de Braia srl en Italie le groupe Feralco renforce sa position importante en tant que producteur de produits chimiques de traitement de l'eau sur le marché européen.

Plus d'informations vous trouverez sur le site officiel de Braia www.braia.it et dans  le communiqué de presse:

"Livorno, 2018-06-20

Feralco Group, leading supplier of water Treatment Chemicals with production facilities and support services across Europe, announces the acquisition of Braia srl, based in Millesimo (Italy). This acquisition has been performed by Feralco Italia (Livorno), its subsidiary in Italy. Braia is the Italian leading company for inorganic coagulants used in water treatment and paper-making process.

Ludovic Huitorel, Feralco Group CEO, defines this important acquisition as a logical step forward in the Group strategy to consolidate its leadership position in Europe.

“In particular”, underlines Ludovic Huitorel, “in Italy, where the water treatment chemicals market is extremely competitive, this operation helps Feralco Italia to reach a global coverage of the country, thus enabling a complete security of supply and increasing its product portfolio. Thanks to this acquisition, we will be closer to our customers and can offer them more products & services”.

For further information, please contact:

Sweden: Sara Lilja - sara.lilja@feralco.com +46 707 240071

Italy:G. De Bernardi –gianluigi.debarnardi@feralco.com- +39 3357168578"